Do you have a concept or idea that you want to bring to life? Here at Grim Stitch Factory, we love to take on custom projects. Here you will find a few of our custom burlap and skin masks, made specifically to order. You are only limited by your imagination. Contact us today to get started!

Want a Custom Grim Stitch Mask?

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The Clown Reaper The client who conceptualized this custom mask wanted an abundance of straw hair. We hand knotted the straw into rows, then adhered these rows right to the mask. After hours of hand painting, we were also able to achieve the look of dried and caked clown makeup. This one is sure to get screams!

The Corn Jester The client for this mask gave us a picture as a reference. Amazing what we were able to create…and how closely it resembles the client’s vision. This elaborate mask has a full jaw extension built onto it. The teeth are real twigs that are adhered to the upper and lower 16 gauge wire denture.